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Furniture Classifieds

Furniture Classifieds

Furniture Classifieds

Furniture Classifieds

Furniture Auctions

Furniture Auctions

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Lot Sales (0)

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The Furniture Exchange at Bidcow.com

  • Furniture Classifieds Classified listing; simply post your inventory- photo, description of item/s for sale and set your price. Market and sell your inventory to the international home furnishings industry marketplace for a marginal posting fee.
  • Furniture Classifieds Wanted; use this section to match inventories- need 3 dining chairs to complete a discontinued dining room suite- post it in the wanted section. Need used racking for the new warehouse? Need another truck? - Post it in the wanted section for a marginal posting fee.
  • Furniture Classifieds Auction; bidcow.com allows you to sell your inventory quickly to an international audience of home furnishings industry buyers. Go directly to the end user and obtain a higher value for your inventory. Sell individual pieces or by the lot. Commission fees are paid only after the sale is transacted.

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